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Shifting Vehicle System Development Left With Virtual ECUs

Developing electrical and electronic content for vehicles has always been an engineering and manufacturing challenge. The road is an exceptionally rough environment for components: temperature and humidity change constantly while noise and vibration pummel all parts of the vehicle. The nature of high-speed travel requires safety and reliability, which must be achieved in the presence of the dif... » read more

Making Vehicle Electronics Safe With ISO 26262 Compliance

There are many semiconductor applications with high demands on safety, including spaceborne systems, nuclear power plants, and embedded medical devices. But automotive electronics are probably foremost in most peoples’ minds when they think about safe operation under all conditions. The advent of fully autonomous vehicles is responsible for much of this attention. Like other safety-critical a... » read more

Ensuring Functional Safety For Self-Driving Cars

There may be no hotter topic in electronics than chips for autonomous vehicles. Self-driving cars have captured the public imagination and become a major area of investment. Both established automotive manufacturers and well-funded startups are producing vehicles with the highly complex chips needed to negotiate roads, deal with unpredictable humans and communicate with the cloud for machine le... » read more