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Five Digital Threads Unify And Simplify Electronic Systems Design And Manufacturing

By Matthew Walsh and Matt Bromley Digital transformation involves the integration of digital technologies and the reimagining of business processes to enhance operations, improve customer experiences, and drive innovation. Digital threads are a key component of this transformation, as they enable the seamless flow of data and information across various stages of a process, system, or organiz... » read more

Safeguarding A Digital Transformation Across The Entire Product Lifecycle

In 2020, the SolarWinds breach highlighted the emergence of software supply chain attacks as a very real security threat that impacted many high-profile companies. (The software supply chain includes third-party and open-source components used in a software product.) Then in late 2021, not to be outdone, the massive scope of the Log4j vulnerability emerged, impacting millions of consumer produc... » read more

The Evolving Digital Journey Of The Electronics Value Chain

Digitally transforming how the electronics value chain is traversed will unlock the full innovative potential of system design companies all over the world. By augmenting desktop authoring tools with integrated, native cloud applications that seamlessly connect companies with the electronics value chain, design teams will be empowered to confidently deliver on aggressive requirements, schedules... » read more