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Securing Automotive Ethernet Connections With MACsec

Zonal architecture in automotive design has become common in recent years in response to the increasing complexity of in-vehicle electrical systems. Automotive Ethernet is used to connect sensors and actuators to zonal gateways in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) enabled vehicles. With multi-gigabit links, it further connects zonal gateways to the central compute units that handle ADAS... » read more

Industry Adoption Of Line-Rate Network Security Using MACsec

Network security protocols are the primary means of securing data in motion — that is, data communicated between closely connected physical devices, or between devices, and even virtual machines connected using a complex infrastructure. This article will explore Media Access Control security (MACsec) and how it can be used to provide foundational level network security for a wide range of app... » read more

Secure TSN Ethernet With MACsec Is Now Possible

For end-to-end security of data, it must be secured both when at rest (processed or stored in a device) and when in motion (communicated between connected devices). For data at rest, a hardware root of trust anchored in silicon provides that foundation upon which all data security is built. Applications, OS, and boot code all depend on the root of trust as the source of confidentiality, integri... » read more

The Evolution Of Ethernet To 800G And MACsec Encryption

Ethernet is a frame-based data communication technology that employs variable-sized frames to carry a data payload. This contrasts with long-haul Optical Transport Networks (OTN) that use fixed-sized frames. The size of Ethernet frames ranges from a minimum of 60 bytes up to 1500 bytes, and in case of jumbo frames, up to 9K bytes. A frame is a Layer 2 data container with the physical addresses ... » read more