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Sky High: More Thoughts To Consider Before Transitioning To The Cloud

In our previous blog, I talked about the essential factors that a company must consider in leveraging cloud resources to accelerate their goals. The objective here is not just about putting some of the workload in the cloud; rather, it is about realizing the transformation adopting cloud technologies will bring about. In particular, it is more important to think of the cloud not only as a set o... » read more

Up And Away: Clear-Eyed Considerations For Your Cloud-Adoption Journey

It’s no secret the cloud is a driving force powering the digital transformation. However, cloud adoption is rarely a one-size-fits-all operation. Even when done correctly, it can bring about company-wide transformations unique to each organization. At the very core, the move to the cloud is akin to a culture change, and understanding these changes can make the transition successful. The follo... » read more