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Have You Had A V8 today?

By Nithya Ruff The quick road to the recommended daily allowance of vegetables and fruits is often a bottle of V8. It’s quick, nutritious, and it makes us feel less guilty about any of our nutritional imbalances. It makes us feel virtuous, because we have done something good for our body today. So why do we postpone the inevitable? By this I mean developing new software for a new piec... » read more

Hybrid Prototype Benefits

By Troy Scott This month Nithya asked me to contribute a post on hybrid prototyping and add some color to how design teams have been benefiting from integration between virtual and FPGA-based prototypes. It’s been about six months since Synopsys announced the availability of a data exchange, which links a Virtualizer Development Kit (VDK) to the HAPS FPGA-based prototyping system based on AM... » read more

Step On It

By Nithya Ruff On a recent trip to Germany, I was a passenger in a car with my colleague Tom De Schutter on the German Autobahn. We had just landed in Frankfurt and were driving to Aachen, Germany. The anticipation of the potential speed at which we would drive created both excitement and anxiety in me. What I learned about driving on the Autobahn was eye opening with how Germany allows for sp... » read more

Traveling Light

By Nithya Ruff I recently attended the Embedded Linux Conference in Barcelona representing Synopsys. I must admit, it is nice to have conferences in beautiful places so you can kill two birds with one stone. When not networking, speaking or sitting in sessions, I enjoyed seeing the beauty of Antoni Gaudi’s architecture, some great vegetarian restaurants like Juicy Jones and, of course, I enj... » read more

Making Important Choices

By Nithya Ruff Last year, my daughter was a senior in high school, very busy finalizing her college selections and completing college applications. For anyone who has gone through this recently, it is not a trivial task to select a place where you will spend the next four years, a place that will shape your future and where you will be spending a good amount of your parent’s money. This expe... » read more

Virtual Prototyping Is Golden

By Nithya Ruff Watching the Olympics this past summer was quite exciting. I enjoyed seeing athletes at the peak of their performance and multiple records broken in many sports. What we don’t see is the years of practice and work behind this excellence. These athletes work at the technique, strength, endurance and mental attitude of winning. To me, this is no different than the work that goes... » read more

Virtual Prototyping Rocks

By Nithya Ruff Achim Nohl was taking a well-deserved vacation last week and asked me to be his guest blogger. To many of you who are regular readers of Achim’s blog, I am new to Synopsys and joined only a few weeks ago to manage the Virtual Prototyping product. I came from Wind River where I managed Embedded Linux product marketing. Having come from 20+ years of managing software of all kind... » read more