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RTL Optimization Best Practices Help To Achieve Power Goals And Identify Reliability Issues Earlier

Designers face enormous challenges for low-power designs. Whether it is IoT at the edge, AI in the datacenter, robotics or ADAS, the demand for increased functionality and higher performance in SoCs is rapidly stretching power budgets to their breaking point. Power must be considered at every stage of chip design. Waiting to address power until late in the design cycle – post-netlist or durin... » read more

With Low-Power Comes Great Responsibility

Recent trends in the consumer electronics market show a demand for short, slim, and light-weight but powerful devices (with the only exception being displays, which are getting larger). Therefore area, timing, and power have all become “critical” to design; whereas in the past, one was prioritized over the others depending on design requirements. However, power is the dominant factor tod... » read more