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Artificial Intelligence: Let Us Get The Math Right First!

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days and therefore doesn’t require a repeat of the current and future potential uses for AI. For most people, it means technology advancements on the software side. But if you ask people who are very close to this technology domain, building your own optimized hardware chips is where a significant part of the competitive edge lies. A few days ba... » read more

Taming Lint With Formal

Designers have been using Linting tools for many years to ensure designs adhere to recommended coding guidelines. Linting tools verify that RTL is written in an unambiguous way to ensure that downstream tools (simulation, synthesis, etc.) do not interpret the code incorrectly, resulting in design, verification, timing or implementation issues. Linting tools take advantage of fast and shallow... » read more

Clock Domain Crossing (CDC): Are We There Yet?

Over the last decade, SoC designs have become significantly reliant on IP reuse to manage the design complexity and meet time-to-market goals. IP-based design and verification methodology is essential but has put an additional verification burden on IP suppliers (internal and external). IP suppliers need to ensure that their IP is exhaustively verified and SoC Integrators need to ensure that al... » read more