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Building the Metaverse, Part Two: The Technology

In my first article on the metaverse, I explored the extraordinary vision and driving forces behind the metaverse, along with some potential use cases. In this second part, I want to outline the technology that will be needed to enable it. The metaverse will rely on a range of existing and new hardware and software technologies, which will enable the development of new services and new ways ... » read more

Building The Metaverse, Part One: The Vision

The longer-term vision of the metaverse is a universe where a massive computer-generated virtual world – or worlds – will be deeply intertwined with the physical world. This will enable humans and things to interact, transact, and collaborate in parallel or in superposition in ways that will mesh real-world activity and simulation in various and increasing indistinguishable ways. The met... » read more

Seven Hardware Advances We Need to Enable The AI Revolution

The potential, positive impact AI will have on society at large is impossible to overestimate. Pervasive AI, however, remains a challenge. Training algorithms can take inordinate amounts of power, time, and computing capacity. Inference will also become more taxing with applications such as medical imaging and robotics. Applied Materials estimates that AI could consume up to 25% of global elect... » read more

Six Things We Might Need For Pervasive Computing

There is little doubt that digital technology will become more pervasive than it is even now in the coming decades. Organizations like the Exponential Group argue that digital should be the first step in sustainability, estimating that hardware and software could help reduce emissions by 15% by 2030 and beyond by helping fine-tune buildings, factories, and other environments. Cars—already ... » read more