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Chip Data Joins The Party

Perhaps you’ve heard of silicon lifecycle management (product lifecycle management for your semiconductor) but considered it a “far-future” practice that you can safely ignore for now. While many pieces of a complete silicon lifecycle solutions (SLS) are not yet in place, the components are coming together every day. Today, in fact, Siemens’ Tessent offers a new suite of software ser... » read more

Cybersecurity Through Hardware-Based Threat Detection And Mitigation

SoC design teams fill a mission-critical role in ensuring cyber-physical safety and security for electrical and electronic systems that are connected to the internet. The requirements and tools available to achieve this goal are ever-shifting, but we can be fairly sure that traditional software-only security measures are unlikely to be sufficient; a new class of hardware-level monitoring is als... » read more

Better Optimization For Many-Core AI Chips

The rise of massively parallel computing has led to an explosion of silicon complexity, driven by the need to process data for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications. This complexity is seen in designs like the Cerebras Wafer Scale Engine (figure 1), a tiled manycore, multiple wafer die with a transistor count into the trillions and nearly a million compute cores. ... » read more