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Securing ADAS At The Chip Level

The advent of ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, is making a dramatic impact on new vehicles. It provides many helpful functions such as automotive night vision, forward collision warnings, collision avoidance, and lane departure warnings. In order to operate, ADAS requires the computerization of most of the functions of the vehicle. This results in from 50 to over 100 electronic control... » read more

Securing AI/ML With A Hardware Root Of Trust

AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) is now pervasive across all industries. It contributes to rationalizing and harnessing the enormous amount of information made available by the current massive wave of digitization. Digitization is transforming how business is run and how value is produced using digital technologies. Data, the raw material of AI/ML and deep learning algorithms, i... » read more

Safeguarding Automotive Electronics

Modern automobiles can have up to 100 Electronic Control Units (ECUs) depending on their class, make, and model, with the number of ECUs rising even higher in the case of electric vehicles. An ECU is an embedded system in the car’s electronics. They are used to control all the vehicle's functions, including engine, powertrain, transmission, brakes, suspension, dashboard, entertainment system ... » read more