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AI Process Control Platform Enabling Next Generation Technology, Part 2

As feature dimensions in semiconductors continue to shrink and worldwide demand continues to expand, semiconductor equipment manufacturers need innovative ways to compete and deliver. The Tignis PAICe Maker physics-driven AI computational modeling platform accelerates leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing—from equipment R&D to reliable high-yield chip fabrication capability. Tignis sup... » read more

AI Process Control Platform Enabling Next Generation Technology

PAICe Monitor delivers AI and machine learning-enabled analytics for all stages of the semiconductor fabrication process lifecycle — from process development and ramp readiness, to high volume production. Leveraging Tignis’ Digital Twin Query Language, PAICe Monitor enables process engineers to transform in-product fault diagnoses into continuous real-time monitoring—greatly improving ... » read more

Risks And Faults We Can Detect Using Machine Learning And Physics

In its earliest form, technicians manually took condition status readings from individual pieces of equipment and used them to shape maintenance conclusions. Today, critical machine and system data can be streamed continuously, automatically, from industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors for real-time analytics, diagnostics, and suggested actions. Click here to read more. » read more

How The Special Snowflake Problem Impacts Asset Management—And What You Can Do

Asset managers face ongoing pressure to maximize the reliability and efficiency of their installations. Monitoring a single site is challenging enough, but when management spans two or more sites, additional complexities are typically introduced. The core problem? No two sites are the same. They differ not only in geographic location, but also usually in age, schematic configuration, maintenanc... » read more