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The Power Of Collaboration: Solutions For Improving Manufacturing

The Fab Owners Association (FOA) held its third annual Collaborative Forum in Santa Clara, Calif., earlier this month. The focus of this event was to discuss how companies are able to work together to improve manufacturing efficiencies in wafer fabs. The forum is by invite only to FOA members, and I was invited to make a presentation on the market trends due to the impact of MEMS and Sensors. ... » read more

How Chip Vendors Counter Security Vulnerabilities In The IoT

The objective of the Internet of Things is connectivity and interoperability of many connected devices. There is a large amount of data that is being generated. This data is transmitted from end devices, the “things,” through a network of gateways, routers, smartphones, PCs and other devices up to the cloud into vast databases. Many sources of little data develop into Big Data. Information ... » read more

MEMS Oscillators Market News – Accelerating Adoption of silicon MEMS timing

By Tony Massimini Recently there have been two major announcements in the MEMS Oscillator market. Market leader SiTime breaks into the high-precision OCXO timing with Stratum 3 compliant solutions. Integrated Device Technology jumps into the MEMS oscillator market with a piezoelectric MEMS resonator. SiTime has introduced the SiT5301 and SiT5302 which address the highest performance applica... » read more