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LPDDR5X: High Bandwidth, Power Efficient Performance For Mobile & Beyond

Looking back over recent history in the memory landscape, we can clearly see a trend of new applications growing sufficiently large enough to command the creation of new memory technologies tailored to their specific needs. We saw this with the creation of GDDR for graphics and later HBM for AI/ML applications. Low-Power Double Data Rate (LPDDR) emerged as a specialized memory designed for mobi... » read more

PCI Express 5.0 Takes Center Stage For Data Centers

The demands on servers at the heart of data centers continue an inexorable rise. Responding to these demands, new platforms keep coming that deliver greater computing performance, have more memory and use faster interconnects. On the way at the end of this year and early 2022 are new server platforms that will take performance to a new level. These new platforms will transition to DDR5 DIMMs fo... » read more

PCIe 5.0: A Key Interface Solution For The Evolving Data Center

A great many developments are shaping the evolution of the data center. Enterprise workloads are increasingly shifting to the cloud, whether these be hosted or colocation implementations. The nature of workload traffic is changing such that data centers are architected to manage greater east-west (within the data center) communication. New workloads, with AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine ... » read more