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Cybord: Electronic Component Traceability

Counterfeit electronics is a multibillion-dollar industry worldwide. The challenge is finding them, and this is where Israeli startup Cybord is working to gain a foothold. The company has developed an AI-driven solution that checks for counterfeit parts during product assembly. “It's a huge task to check electronic components, said Cybord CEO Zeev Efrat. "It's not capacitors only, or resis... » read more

CogniFiber: Photonic Computing

Computing with light has many advantages. It's fast, cheap, and it doesn't generate much heat. But it's also difficult to make it work, and it has a number of challenges that are specific to photonics. CogniFiber, an Israeli startup, says it has solved many of these issues. The company uses photonics over fiber, and it has introduced a glass-based chip. “We use light as a data conveyor ... » read more

Expedera: Custom Deep Learning Accelerators Through Soft-IP

Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have caused a massive increase in data generation — and along with it, a need to process data faster and more efficiently. Dubbed a “tsunami of data,” data centers are expected to consume about one-fifth of worldwide energy before 2030. This data explosion is driving a wave of startups looking to gain a foothold in custom accele... » read more

FortifyIQ: Hardware Security Verification

What’s the best way to protect against side-channel attacks? FortifyIQ believes the answer lies at least partly in the verification process. Side channel and fault-injection attacks have been garnering more attention lately as hackers continue to branch out from software to a combination of software and hardware. This is especially worrying for safety-critical applications, such as automot... » read more