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Functional Safety Working Group

With the increasing demand of compute power, the electrical and electronic systems deployed in safety-critical applications become more and more complex. This complexity also extends to Functional Safety (FS) requirements, and it affects all parts of the system including hardware and software components. Addressing FS requires specific safety activities and operations, documented in what the... » read more

IP Security Assurance Standard

This whitepaper is available from the IP Security Assurance (IPSA) Working Group that describes Accellera’s initial proposal to address the industry’s security concerns involving IP integration. Since integrators typically treat IP as a “black box,” vulnerabilities may inadvertently be inserted into an SoC/ASIC. The whitepaper details the objectives of the IPSA standard and its approach... » read more

Portable Test and Stimulus Standard Version 1.0

The definition of the language syntax, C++ library API, and accompanying semantics for the specification of verification intent and behaviors reusable across multiple target platforms and allowing for the automation of test generation is provided. This standard provides a declarative environment designed for abstract behavioral description using actions, their inputs, outputs, and resource depe... » read more

Get Ready For DVCon Europe

By Martin Barnasconi DVCon Europe, a new conference and exhibition around design and verification, will be held Oct. 14-15 in Munich, Germany. Call for abstracts for DVCon Europe is open through April 8. The obvious question is why DVCon Europe. DVCon and its predecessor conferences have been held successfully in the Silicon Valley for more than 20 years. The conference is extremely success... » read more

2014 Accellera Standards Are Built on Powerful Shoulders

By Adam Sherer Looking out at the fresh snow coating the landscape here in Buffalo, it’s tempting to look toward 2014 and focus only on the fresh and new. However, if I’ve learned anything about this city from the day I arrived here as a freshman EE in 1984, it’s that you don’t bury your foundation. Instead, you recognize it as your greatest strength, the powerful shoulders upon whic... » read more