Functional Safety Working Group

Learn about Accellera System Initiative’s Functional Safety Working Group working on functional safety standards,


With the increasing demand of compute power, the electrical and electronic systems deployed in safety-critical applications become more and more complex. This complexity also extends to Functional Safety (FS) requirements, and it affects all parts of the system including hardware and software components.

Addressing FS requires specific safety activities and operations, documented in what the ISO26262 standard [1] refers to as “work products.” The generation of these work products relies on sharing common data and faces specific challenges during development and integration to manage:

  • The exchange and integration of FS data between different work products and activities among different teams and different layers of the supply chain
  • The traceability of FS data to provide evidence of correctness, completeness, and consistency
  • The use of automation tools and flows for gathering and processing data
  • The retargeting of the safety case and analysis from one standard to another by efficiently evolving them and avoiding duplication of effort

Accellera Systems Initiative has formed a working group of FS practitioners and experts from the industry to develop a standard that will provide a definition of FS data exchange to improve Automation, Interoperability, Traceability, and Retargeting. FS data is intended here as the set of data needed to perform safety activities and to generate work products. The standard will specify a data model, language, or format to exchange data seamlessly. The participants of the Accellera Functional Safety Working Group (Accellera FSWG) are distributed across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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