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Managing P/P Tradeoffs With Voltage Droop Gets Trickier

Experts at the Table: Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about voltage droop/IR drop with Bill Mullen, distinguished engineer at Ansys; Rajat Chaudhry, product management group director at Cadence; Heidi Barnes, senior applications engineer at Keysight Technologies; Venkatesh Santhanagopalan, product manager at Movellus; Joe Davis, senior director for Calibre interfaces and mPower EM/IR... » read more

The Threat Of Supply Chain Insecurity

Concerns about counterfeit chips are growing as more chips are deployed in safety- and mission-critical applications, prompting better traceability and new and inexpensive solutions that can determine if chips are new or used. But some counterfeit chips still slip through, and the problem gets worse wherever there are shortages. Estimates vary widely for how much counterfeiting costs in term... » read more

Automotive Complexity, Supply Chain Strength Demands Tech Collaboration

The automotive supply chain is becoming more complex and collaborative, changing longstanding relationships between automakers and their suppliers in ways that would have seemed unimaginable even a couple of years ago. Rather than just developing parts for a tightly defined specification, suppliers are taking an increasingly active role in determining how various technologies are combined, w... » read more

Tradeoffs Between On-Premise And On-Cloud Design

Experts at the Table: Semiconductor Engineering sat down discuss how and why companies are dividing up work on-premise and in the cloud, and what to watch out for, with Philip Steinke, fellow, CAD infrastructure and physical design at AMD; Mahesh Turaga, vice president of business development for cloud at Cadence Design Systems; Richard Ho, vice president hardware engineering at Lightmatter; Cr... » read more

Processor Tradeoffs For AI Workloads

AI is forcing fundamental shifts in chips used in data centers and in the tools used to design them, but it also is creating gaps between the speed at which that technology advances and the demands from customers. These shifts started gradually, but they have accelerated and multiplied over the past year with the rollout of ChatGPT and other large language models. There is suddenly much more... » read more

The Good And Bad Of Chip Design On Cloud

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to talk about how the shift toward chip design on cloud has sped up, whether the benefits of cloud are realized in chip design, and some of the most pressing challenges to chip design on cloud today, with Philip Steinke, fellow, CAD infrastructure and physical design at AMD; Mahesh Turaga, vice president of business development for cloud at Cadence Design Syst... » read more

Improving Performance And Lowering Power In Automotive

Automotive OEMs are boosting their investments across the semiconductor ecosystem as stepping stones toward electrification and autonomy, and they are starting to encounter some of the same issues chipmakers have been wrestling with at advanced nodes — massive compute performance, thermal and power issues, reliability over extended lifetimes, and a highly diverse and geographically distribute... » read more

Megatrends At DAC

Spotting key trends over three days of a semiconductor design conference is a challenge, but some important ones come into focus after attending multiple sessions — AI/ML, chiplet integration, and heterogeneous integration in an SoC and package. Frank Schirrmeister, vice president solutions and business development at Arteris IP, talks about a variety of topics that fit under the DAC umbrella... » read more

Confusion Grows Over Sensor Fusion In Autos

A key strategy for fully autonomous vehicles is the ability to fuse together inputs from multiple sensors, which is essential for making safe and secure decisions, but it's turning out to be much harder than first imagined. There are multiple problems that need to be solved, including how to partition, prioritize, and ultimately combine different types of data, and how to architect the proce... » read more

The Uncertainties Of RISC-V Compliance

How far can a RISC-V design be pushed and still be compliant? The answer isn't always black-and-white because the RISC-V concept is very different from previous open-source projects. But as interest and activity in RISC-V continues to grow, constructive discussions are taking place to address some of the challenges of designing with an open-standard ISA. “The RISC-V standard is somethin... » read more

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