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Preparing For 3DX

By Aveek Sarkar Undoubtedly we live in the age of mobility—smartphones, tablets, and ultra-books have transformed the way we work, live, and communicate. The worldwide smartphone market’s forecasted 24% CAGR, between 2010 and 2015 provides unique opportunities1. In emerging economies, more than 1 billion consumers are ready for the next new mobile platform2. Success in this market demands ... » read more

The Next Steps

By Aveek Sarkar Remaining competitive in today’s semiconductor market means IC designers must meet performance, power and price targets for their design, regardless of the end application. Meeting these mutually conflicting goals requires enlisting the use of several architectural and design techniques, including three-dimensional (3D) or stacked-die architectures that can help meet perfo... » read more

The Bigger Picture

By Aveek Sarkar IC power consumption is dependent on its supply voltage. To reduce power consumption, and heat dissipation, IC designers strive to design for lower supply voltages. But the threshold voltage that controls switching in digital CMOS devices hasn't scaled accordingly from reliability and other considerations. As the supply voltage reduces down close to the threshold voltage of ... » read more

Power Budgeting 101

By Aveek Sarkar With all the processing power that is being designed into smart and superphones now, I wonder what would happen if all four multi-GHz processors were to execute simultaneously? How long would that small battery last—and would anyone be able to hold it in their bare hands?   [caption id="attachment_6305" align="alignnone" width="342"] Phone surface temperature as a ... » read more

Quicker Turnaround

By Aveek Sarkar Statistics indicate the increase in sales for mobile handsets in the emerging economies will be from the sale of smart phones. According to a Nielsen report, Brazilian sales of smart phones were up 128% in 2010, compared to 2009. These emerging economies have traditionally been served by standard cell phones that provided voice and texting needs (Fig. 1), but the consumers i... » read more

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