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Advanced Materials: Mapping A Path To Low-Power Devices

By Cheryl Ajluni For many electronics devices, especially those utilized in mobile applications, achieving low power is the Holy Grail. Unfortunately this goal is one that is not easily attained. In accordance with Moore’s Law, transistor density is continuing to increase. With each scaling, transistors are being designed smaller and faster to realize increased chip performance. But the risi... » read more

Minimizing Power Consumption In Next-Generation Mobile Devices

By Cheryl Ajluni Today’s consumers continually demand ever more efficient and reliable means of mobile communication. At the same time, the wireless industry is evolving toward higher data rates and capacities. Both of these trends present a wealth of opportunity for innovative system engineers looking to design the next generation of mobile communication devices. They also pose some inter... » read more

Beyond CMOS: Making Way For The Next-Generation Of Semiconductor Materials

By Cheryl Ajluni Before the advent of the cell phone, the idea of having access to a phone virtually anytime, anywhere and in a package smaller than a human hand seemed almost impossible. Today that innovation, and others like it, has become an everyday reality. In the process it has helped spawn a technologically-driven society that continually demands more for less and waits impatiently... » read more

Achieving Successful LTE Design and Test

By Cheryl Ajluni In spite of all of its hype, WiMAX is not the only standard causing a stir these days or being called a “killer app.” Another technology that has achieved this illustrious title is Long Term Evolution (LTE), the Third Generation Partnership Project’s (3GPP’s) air interface for wireless access. Granted, WiMAX does have the advantage of a head start in development, test... » read more

Can SaaS Really Make Chip Design Easier?

By Cheryl Ajluni Software as a Service (SaaS) is not a technology. It is a software deployment business model where an application is hosted as a service that is provided to customers across the Internet. Thanks to success stories from companies like Google,, WebEx, and TurboTax, among others, this business model has become quite popular and is now even being looked at by some E... » read more

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