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The Power Of 3D

By Cheryl Ajluni Much to the dismay of anyone who recently splurged on a new Blu-ray disk player or flat-panel HDTV, 3D stereoscopic content has become the talk of the town or, in this case, the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. Sure, we’ve been down this road before. After all, 3D is nothing new. But it now appears ready to explode into the home in the form of 3D television (Figure 1). Bol... » read more

Return Of The Femtocell

By Cheryl Ajluni Nothing has been left unscathed in the current global economic downturn, and that includes femtocell deployments. It was just last year that femtocells were being proclaimed a 2009 “killer app,” along with LTE and WiMAX. But what was once viewed as the next great thing has instead faced a tough road with more than a few large-scale deployments by major mobile operators be... » read more

Design By Consensus

By Cheryl Ajluni On Monday, October 12, the National Association of Business Economists (NABE) announced the results of a survey of professional forecasters regarding the economy. Their consensus was clear: the worst U.S. recession since the Great Depression has ended. While many Americans still think the country’s economy is in poor shape, a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll taken between O... » read more

Progress Report: Nanoelectronics

By Cheryl Ajluni In the world of system design, few technologies cut across as many lines as nanotechnology. Whether for use in better, cheaper sunglasses, sunscreen, next-generation body armor or regenerative medicine, its application seems limitless. It is so far reaching in fact that by 2015 some analysts predict the global market for nanotechnology will top $1 trillion. As Viviane Red... » read more

3D Integration: Extending Moore’s Law Into The Next Decade

By Cheryl Ajluni At the 46th Design Automation Conference in San Francisco last month, attention turned to a discussion of how to extend the momentum of Moore’s Law into the next decade. One plausible solution, according to Philippe Magarshack, the general manager of Central CAD & Design Solutions at STMicroelectronics, is 3D stacking for complex System-on-Chips (SoCs). The concept of 3... » read more

Existing Circuit Styles Shed Light On Low-Power Design

By Cheryl Ajluni Given the growing importance and impact of portable, battery-operated devices in today’s society, it’s easy to understand why power consumption has become such a critical factor in IC design. But it’s not just battery-operated devices that are driving the need for low-power design. In non-portable devices, the cost of providing power and the increased area resultin... » read more

Making Quality A Top Priority in Next-Generation Designs

By Cheryl Ajluni With system design such a complicated task these days, it is increasingly likely that designers will inadvertently overlook some details of the design process, or worse yet, simply not have the time to address them adequately. Time is readily spent focusing on things like performance, area, timing, and power, but what about something a bit more esoteric in nature—namely, qu... » read more

Intelligent Verification Offers Hope For “Smartening” Up Verification

By Cheryl Ajluni As with death and taxes, when it comes to design some things are just inevitable. For one, as design geometries shrink, design complexity will continue to increase. For another, verification is the single most time-consuming and intensive part of the entire design cycle. While new tools and methodologies have enabled designers to work through many of the existing complexity i... » read more

Easing System Creation With Embedded Hardware Solutions And Standards

By Cheryl Ajluni System creation is today an ultra-complex task. On one hand, developers are confronted with consumer demands for ever more functionality, better performance and increased power efficiency at a lower cost. On the other hand, they face stringent time-to-market requirements and changing standards, coupled with the need to accommodate a range of requirements pertaining to differen... » read more

Exploring The Use Of Virtual Platforms At The Electronic System Level

By Cheryl Ajluni System design is hard. That should not come as a surprise to anyone these days. With design geometries shrinking and device complexity on the rise, this fact is not likely to change anytime soon. One concept for easing that burden for system-level designers is the virtual platform. Granted, the concept itself is nothing new, but today it is being employed in ever more creativ... » read more

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