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Power Grid Analysis—Challenges At 20nm And Below

Introduction The need for power grid analysis (PGA) emerged in the early 2000s, when leading-edge semiconductor companies were starting 90nm designs that unveiled new technical challenges. Since then, PGA has coped with diverse challenges for each new technology node, including coverage (dynamic PGA emerged in the mid-2000s), performance, and capacity (a bottleneck at the 32/28nm node). But 20... » read more

3D-IC Requires Expanded Power Grid Analysis

At advanced nodes, effective power grid analysis is critical to ensure that the small dimension interconnects can handle current demands without introducing potential failure modes or signal integrity issues. Existing software tools for power analysis need to be extended and enhanced for 2.5D and 3D designs to fulfill new requirements and use models. This article describes some of the needed im... » read more

Power Grid Analysis

By Christen Decoin With increasing design size at each technology node, power grid analysis (PGA) has been stretching established software capacity and performance for some time. At 32/28nm, capacity and performance issues finally presented significant barriers to achieving signoff. In this article, we explore existing approaches that EDA vendors have been trying to leverage to work around ... » read more