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Virtual Testing Of Automotive Sensor Systems

The development of vehicles has always been a discipline of mechanical engineering. After all, cars were always about the engine, the power, the efficiency. Traditionally, the development of the complex overall automotive system has always been carried out in accordance with classical principles of mechanical engineering, for example by using development models like the V-model. Although the pr... » read more

Virtual Prototyping In SoC Development

Modern semiconductor technologies enable manufacturers to pack more and more functions and memory into a single silicon die. While steadily advancing microintegration based on Moore’s Law just a few years ago mainly focused on increasing the clock frequency of integrated circuits (IC), today, it’s the design complexity and number of blocks that enable new IC functions. More and more logic b... » read more

Mission Profiles In The Automotive Development Process

The automotive industry's roadmap for the coming years is e-mobility and autonomous driving. Its implementation is likely to bring about changes on a par with the invention of the automobile itself. While the motor vehicle used to be primarily a mechanical product, it is now an entirely electronic system. Many of the new functions increase the safety of the driver and other road users, and t... » read more

Multiphysics Challenges For EDA Tools

Cost and performance are the main drivers for scaling of integrated circuits. However, some applications do not scale as easily as others. This is particularly true for analog circuits and everything related to high voltage and high power. Still, the demand for these kind of applications is growing rapidly due to new emerging markets such as Industry 4.0, IoT, and e-mobility. In the automoti... » read more