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Micron B47R 3D CTF CuA NAND Die, World’s First 176L (195T)

Micron’s 176L 3D NAND is the world’s first 176L 3D NAND Flash memory. TechInsights just found the 512Gb 176L die (B47R die markings) and quickly viewed its process, structure, and die design. Micron 176L 3D NAND is one of the most groundbreaking technologies to date, and it is especially for the storage application such as data center, 5G, AI, cloud, intelligent edge, and mobile devices. Mi... » read more

Micron D1α, The Most Advanced Node Yet On DRAM

Finally, we got to see D1α DRAM generation! It’s 14nm! After a quick viewing of the Micron D1α die (die markings: Z41C) and its cell design, we have determined its actual technology node (design rule), in contrast to the claims of market literature. It is the most advanced technology node ever on DRAM, and it is the first sub-15nm cell integrated DRAM product. The Micron Z41C die removed... » read more