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Using Virtual Process Libraries To Improve Semiconductor Manufacturing

People think that semiconductor process simulation libraries should be developed using a perfect theoretical background that is strongly supported by empirical data. This might be true in academic research, where researchers are trying to develop a systematic approach to understanding a process mechanism. However, it is definitely not true in production fabs, where engineers need to quickly a... » read more

An Introduction To Virtual Semiconductor Process Evaluation

Process engineers develop ideal solutions to engineering problems using a logical theoretical framework combined with logical engineering steps. Unfortunately, many process engineering problems cannot be solved with a brute force, step by step approach to understand every cause-and-effect relationship. There are simply too many process recipe variables that can be modified to make a brute-force... » read more

An Introduction To Semiconductor Process Modeling

Semiconductor process engineers would love to develop successful process recipes without the guesswork of repeated wafer testing. Unfortunately, developing a successful process can’t be done without some work. This blog will discuss an efficient technique to develop new process steps faster, with much less effort. Basic concept The easiest way to predict a process result is to model its b... » read more