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Meeting Today’s Challenges For LVS

At least one thing is for certain in semiconductor development: bigger and more complex designs put lots of pressure on electronic design automation (EDA) tools and methodologies. Yesterday’s chip is today’s IP block, and entire racks of electronics are being packed into system-on-chip (SoC) devices. EDA tools must evolve constantly in order to keep pace with size and complexity while meeti... » read more

Optimize Physical Verification Cost Of Ownership

As semiconductor designs continue to grow in size and complexity, they put increasing pressure on every stage of the design process. Physical verification, often on the critical path to tape-out, is especially affected. Design rule checking (DRC), layout versus schematic (LVS), and other physical verification runs take longer as chip size increases. In addition, finer geometries introduce new c... » read more

Physical Verification For Photonics Integrated Circuits

Silicon photonics is a promising solution for the explosive growth of data volume and network traffic in computing and communications. Silicon photonics integrates photonics applications on a silicon wafer, utilizing mainstream Si-based technology. Photonics integrated circuits (PIC) offer several advantages over traditional integrated circuits: faster data transfer speeds, lower power consumpt... » read more

Physical Verification In The Cloud

Cloud computing is no longer “the next big thing”; it has become a mainstream tool for business across many industries. Our own industry of IC Design and EDA, however, has been watching the cloud trend closely from the sidelines. We have been cautious and have not embraced Cloud as much as other industries – until now. What changed this year? What is driving design companies and EDA tool ... » read more