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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

ASML announced that they are going into the pellicle business at 2:15pm on February 25 at the SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium in San Jose. These are not your garden variety plastic membrane pellicles, mind you, but rather EUV pellicles made out of 50nm thick polysilicon film and stretched on frames that can be attached, removed and reattached on EUV masks. Dr. Carmen Zoldesi of ASML reveal... » read more

Visiting The Future At CLEO

CLEO - The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics – presents the most comprehensive snapshot of laser and photonics applications. Presented by three professional societies (OSA, APS and IEEE Photonics) it was held in San Jose last month. While few of the topics covered are mainstream today for the semiconductor industry, one doesn’t have to look too far to find impact and potential synergi... » read more

Advanced Lithography: Moore’s Law Moves On

Every February, experts in nano patterning technologies converge in San Jose, Calif., to present their road maps, brainstorms and results at the SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium. This year, there was more confusion than ever, partly the result of sessions in unlabeled (but beautiful) new ballrooms at the Convention Center, but mostly because of industry divergences. There is no longer a s... » read more

Stanford Photonics In 2013

Every September, the Stanford Photonics Research Center and their partners at Scottish Universities and in industry showcase the latest developments in laser applications at an on-campus symposium in Palo Alto, Calif. This year, highlights included remarkable developments in particle accelerators, pollution detection and bio-medicine and looked toward increased societal impact through the Ameri... » read more

Lessons From Past Architecture Wars

By Marc David Levenson There was an interesting IEEE panel discussion in Silicon Valley recently, reviewing the microprocessor architecture wars of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. How did the Intel x86 architecture become so dominant when there were other capable designs, including more efficient RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) chips? How did the x86s overcome competition from Zilog, M... » read more

A Mischievous Muse

By Marc David Levenson Moorissa, the muse of high technology, enjoys playing practical jokes on the mask-makers, whose annual meeting was the week of Sept. 10 in Monterey. It started long ago…For example, no sooner had mask makers learned how to write precise 1X masks with fancy electron beams than the wafer printing industry went to reduction steppers, negating the advantages of all that pr... » read more

Ivy Bridge Settles Old Bet

Think back seven years to 2005. Those were boom times with the housing market rising, the dollar high, 65nm node chips on the horizon and EUV the great future lithography hope. EUVL was late for the next (45nm) node, but a great new idea had appeared to fill the gap—water immersion scanning with 193nm exposure! But how far could wet 193nm lithography go before EUVL or some new thing, such as ... » read more

Litho Community Meets And Votes

Every 18 months or so, the leading lithography lights of the IEEE meet in an off-the-record workshop to discuss the state and future of our craft. This year’s event took place amid the restored colonial splendor of Williamsburg Virginia in June. Co-chairs Mordechai Rothschild and Lars Liebmann assembled a technical program that covered not only lithography for semiconductor manufacturing, but... » read more