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Introduction To Test Data Formats

This blog is intended to provide an introduction to STDF and ATDF data formats. This is not intended to be definitive, only an introduction. If you are experienced with seeing data in spreadsheets and tables, then STDF is very different from what you are used to. Here we try to explain. STDF is the “Standard Test Data Format” developed jointly between some of the largest test equipment v... » read more

Benefits Of Outsourcing Yield Management Software

Microchip is a longtime yieldHUB customer. We work with a number of divisions worldwide. We spoke to Kasia Metlička-Sawicka, an Engineering Release Supervisor, Senior Engineer II-Product in Microchip Ireland to find out why she likes using our system. What do you do? I’m an Engineering Release supervisor/Senior Product Engineer. I oversee the engineering release group of technicians... » read more

Key Aspects Of Yield Management Systems For Fabless Startups

Do you work for a fabless start-up? Are you ramping up? If so, you need data-analysis tools for your production data. You will struggle without them. You have two options for yield management analysis. You may decide to hire an engineer (or team of engineers) whose job is to transfer the data from datalogs to a spreadsheet, then generate reports. Or, you could invest in a system that takes c... » read more

Customer Input Guides Tool Development

We’re always looking for high-value items which add to our yield management software without over-complicating or detracting from the core functions. It is an interesting and highly responsible position to be able to take ideas and input from many people, look for common elements in problems and find solutions that can solve many problems. High-value functionality A great example of this ... » read more

Adopting Yield Analysis Tools

DisplayLink is a fast growing medium-sized semiconductor fabless company from Cambridge UK. We began working with them a few years ago. We caught up with Shane Zhang, Head of Product Engineering to find out why he works with yieldHUB, the problems we solve and the features he likes most. Tell us about DisplayLink. Our operations team is based in Cambridge, UK. We work with teams, suppli... » read more

Semiconductor Professionals On Working From Home

With most of the world still in lockdown, we thought we’d find out how different people in the semiconductor industry are dealing with the coronavirus. Carl Moore, Yield Management Specialist, yieldHUB How has Covid-19 affected your work life? Much of my work is remote, but Covid-19 affects in-person interactions with customers, which is always important. Video conferencing is critical in ... » read more

Home Analysis Of STDF Data

STDF data files can be very large, often tens of megabytes, sometimes over a gigabyte for a single file. When you’re working from home and only have a desktop tool for analysis, you’ll have to download the data first from your work network. Even if the files are compressed first, they are still large and many times you would be required to analyze dozens of data files to really understand a... » read more

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Working From Home

Many people are working home in recent weeks, due to the current Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.  At yieldHUB, a good number of us have worked remotely or from a home office for years. We have people working like this in Taiwan, the USA, the UK and Ireland. As well as that, our software system enables semiconductor engineers and their managers to work remotely or from home. There are many be... » read more

What’s WAT? Testing At The End Of Manufacturing

The high costs of building, resourcing and operating a foundry fabricating integrated circuits are well known. Fabless companies avoid this capital cost and focus on design and innovation in their area of expertise. On the other hand, the fabless company relies on the expertise and skills of the foundry to produce quality wafers. Many times a process used by a fabless company to manufacture... » read more

6 Signs You Need A Yield Management System

We often speak to companies who don’t know if they need yield management software yet. While most semiconductor companies need to invest in yield management, there could be instances where you’ll get by without one for a while. This article is for companies that use an internal option (such as Excel or JMP) and those who don’t have yield management at all. We will share the six most obvio... » read more

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