Home Analysis Of STDF Data

Spend less time waiting for large files to download.


STDF data files can be very large, often tens of megabytes, sometimes over a gigabyte for a single file. When you’re working from home and only have a desktop tool for analysis, you’ll have to download the data first from your work network. Even if the files are compressed first, they are still large and many times you would be required to analyze dozens of data files to really understand an issue.

So before you even get to look at any data, you are waiting for a few minutes or even an hour for large data files.

You can enjoy the weather between downloads or play with the kids or keep up with the news or feed the cat.

Alternatively, you don’t have to spend any time downloading at all. Just go straight to the analysis. Even if you have 100 STDF files of 300MB each. Also, WAT data can be hard to visualize and you can remove that hassle, too, especially as companies these days often need to look at trends across thousands of wafers.

Instead of downloading the data, it’s hosted by us and you just look at it and report on it within seconds. Standard volume analysis such as ANOVA and sensitivity analysis will be possible too without hogging bandwidth. Dozens of semiconductor companies do this and don’t be left behind. All that bandwidth can be available for the rest of the family too.

But also don’t forget to feed the cat.

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