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Does Your IC Security Need A Renovation?

Five years ago, I moved from Silicon Valley to Gig Harbor, Washington and bought a fixer-upper. As part of my ongoing (and extensive) home renovations, I just finished having the entire exterior redone: roof, siding, paint, masonry, front porch, back deck, outdoor lighting, the works. If you’ve ever embarked on any kind of home remodel project, I don’t have to tell you that the process incl... » read more

Unlock Your Vision… And A Bit Of EDA History

Repetitive patterns and hardware designs have something in common: there may be more than meets the eye. Even simple designs can have corner cases that are hard to detect by code review alone, and the situation is even more complex if third-party or legacy IP is involved. What if the IP has a deliberately hidden function? This is where verification tools like OneSpin 360 come in, to remove huma... » read more

Look Ma, No Hands! Functional Safety From The Driver’s Seat

Every so often, I undertake a project that reminds me why I love working in semiconductor marketing. Back in August, I hopped behind the wheel of a Tesla Model X to film a video for OneSpin about how formal verification can help designers to satisfy the ISO 26262 automotive safety standard. If you haven't yet seen the video, you can watch it here: The Model X itself was... » read more

DVCon Europe Takes Over Munich October 16-17

DVCon Europe is on the horizon, and this year's program should prove to be very timely. Chips and systems are getting more complex, verification is becoming more difficult, and formal has emerged as a critical piece of the verification suite The lineup this year tackles some key issues facing a changing semiconductor landscape. During a Monday tutorial, “Next Generation ISO 26262-based De... » read more