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Advanced Outlier Die Control Technology In Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging Using Feedforward Lithography

The growing demand for heterogeneous integration is driven by the 5G market that includes smartphones, data centers, servers, HPC, AI and IoT applications. Next-generation packaging technologies require tighter overlay to accommodate a larger package size with finer pitch chip interconnects on large format flexible panels. Fan-out panel level packaging (FOPLP) is one of the technologies that... » read more

Fab Fingerprint For Proactive Yield Management

The following paper presents a case study describing how to improve yield and fab productivity by implementing a frequent pattern database that utilizes artificial intelligence-based spatial pattern recognition (SPR) and wafer process history. This is important because associating spatial yield issues with process and tools is often performed as a reactive analysis, resulting in increased wafer... » read more

Acoustic Metrology for Fine Pitch Microbumps in 3D IC

The continuing shift to 3D integration requires formation of electrical interconnects between multiple vertically stacked Si devices to enable high speed, high bandwidth connections. Microbumps and through silicon vias (TSVs) enable the high-density interconnects for die-to-die and die-to-wafer stacking for different applications. In this paper, we present acoustic metrology techniques for the ... » read more

Advantages Of Picosecond Ultrasonic Technology For Advanced RF Metrology

This paper is from China Semiconductor Technology International Conference (CSTIC). Picosecond Ultrasonics (PULSE Technology) has been widely adopted as the tool-of-record for metal film thickness metrology in semiconductor fabs around the world. It provides unique advantages, such as being a rapid, non-contact, non-destructive technology, and has capabilities for simultaneous multiple layer... » read more

Controlling TC SAW Filter Frequency with Picosecond Ultrasonics

Presented during the poster session at ASMC 2019 PULSE™ technology is a first principles based acoustic metrology technique that is capable of measuring various parameters of interest in semiconductor manufacturing such as multi-layered metal thickness, sound velocity of dielectric films and reflectivity. In this paper, we demonstrate the applications of PULSE technology in the TC-SAW... » read more

Monitoring Critical Process Steps In 3D NAND Using Picosecond Ultrasonic Metrology With Both Thickness And Sound Velocity Capabilities

Amorphous carbon (a-C) based hard masks provide superior etch selectivity, chemical inertness, are mechanically strong, and have been used for etching deep, high aspect ratio features that conventional photoresists cannot withstand. Picosecond Ultrasonic Technology (PULSE Technology) has been widely used in thin metal film metrology because of its unique advantages, such as being a rapid, non-... » read more

Full Metrology Solutions For Advanced RF With Picosecond Ultrasonic Metrology

Picosecond Ultrasonics (PULSE Technology) has been widely used in thin metal film metrology because of its unique advantages, such as being a rapid, non-contact, non-destructive technology and its capabilities for simultaneous multiple layer measurement. Measuring velocity and thickness simultaneously for transparent and semi-transparent films offers a lot of potential for not only monitoring ... » read more

Adaptive Shot Technology To Address Severe Lithography Challenges For Advanced FOPLP

Fan-out wafer level packaging (FOWLP) is a popular new packaging technology that allows the user to increase I/O in a smaller IC size than fan-in wafer level packaging. Market drivers such as 5G, IoT, mobile and AI will all use this technology. According to Yole Développement’s analysis, the fan-out packaging market size will increase to $3 billion in 2022 from $2.44 hundred million in 2014,... » read more

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