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Don’t Forget To Consider Productivity In Semiconductor IP Evaluations

When companies consider purchasing Semiconductor IP (SIP), they often have a strict procedure for evaluating third-party vendors and their products. If they don’t have a set way of evaluating IP, the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has developed a Hard IP Licensing Risk Assessment Tool to aid in assessing the value of IP (there is also a quality assessment tool). This aid is part of the G... » read more

Get Agile

History repeats itself, but frequently not in the exactly the same place. The problems faced by system engineering teams today—rising complexity, shorter market windows and more issues involving interactions that affect everything from dynamic power and leakage current to electromigration and finFET design—mirror the kinds of top-down issues that software developers began encountering more ... » read more

NoC Reliability: Simplified

Recently, the reliability features of on-chip network (NoC) IP have received much attention. One reason for this focus has been the rush of companies to get into the automotive electronics market and the explosion of new automotive features being implemented in electronic systems. While the details may vary, the high-level view of on-chip network reliability is really quite simple. At the ar... » read more

Is IC Design Methodology At The Breaking Point?

Evidence is mounting that traditional “waterfall” methods used to develop complex ICs are reaching the breaking point. Consider that today: Some IC designs contain more than 100 [getkc id="43" comment="IP"] blocks that must be integrated from multiple sources Design requirements are constantly in flux Demands for low power and security are increasing as device connectivity grows S... » read more