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Forgotten Essence Of The Backend Penetration Testing

At Riscure we have observed many severe security issues exploited by hackers even in previously certified solutions. In recent years, certification, which aims to minimize security risks, has become more important, especially in the mobile application industry. However, certification compliance is sometimes still not sufficient. This is especially noticeable when the solution’s functionality ... » read more

Five Things You Should Know To Avoid The Most Common Security Errors

Since 2001, Riscure has been helping chip vendors and device manufacturers improve the security of their products. Over the years, the security scenario has changed a lot. The attacker profile evolved from individuals motivated by curiosity, with very limited resources and attack potential, to well-funded and organized adversaries with dark motivations and the capacity to execute very sophistic... » read more

3 Reasons Why Your Payment App Needs To Get EMVCo Certified And How App Shielding Can Help You Get There

EMVCo certification and solutions There are several reasons why mobile payment app providers need to get an EMVCo Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) certification. Some of the reasons to choose the EMVCo certification are: Ensuring the security of the solution Easing the acceptance by the largest card brands Layered approach The evaluation process for software-based payment sol... » read more