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Advanced Design Debug Demands Integrated Verification Management

Design verification has been the dominant portion of chip development for years, and the challenges grow bigger every day. Single dies continue to grow in transistor count and complexity. Advanced techniques such as 2.5D and 3D multi-die systems and emerging technologies such as wafer-scale integration pack even more transistors and functionality into a single device. This situation has created... » read more

Overcoming Regression Debug Challenges With Machine Learning

Development of a modern semiconductor requires running many electronic design automation (EDA) tools many times over the course of the project. Every stage, from architectural exploration and design to final implementation and manufacturing preparation, has multiple methodology loops that must be repeated again and again. Even in such a complex development flow, functional simulation stands ... » read more

DFT For SoCs Is Last, First, And Everywhere In Between

Back in the dawn of time, IC test was the last task in the design flow. First, you designed the chip and then you wrote the functional test program to verify it performed as expected after manufacturing. Without much effort, some portion of the functional test program was often reused as the manufacturing test to determine that the silicon was defect-free. Fast forward to today and things ha... » read more

Making IC Test Faster And More Accessible: Part 1

The fundamental challenges of IC test have been the same for a long time. At the heart of all test strategies is controllability and observability. First, control the state of the chip with known test vectors and then observe the chip to determine if it exhibits good or faulty behavior. There have been many innovations over the years to make the required testing of chips more tractable. Thanks ... » read more

Building Bridges: A New DFT Paradigm

Over the last twenty years, structural testing with scan chains has become pervasive in chip design methodology. Indeed, it’s remarkable to think that most electronic devices we interact with today (think smartphones, laptops, televisions, etc.) contain hundreds to thousands of interconnected scan chains used to verify that the semiconductors were manufactured without defects. Because the imp... » read more