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Companies That Embrace Digital Transformation Have More Resilient Design And Supply Chains

Digital transformation has evolved quickly from a conceptual phase to a semiconductor industry change agent. The rapid take up of AI-enhanced product development is only accelerating this transformation and is further influenced by two connected trends: The movement of Moore’s Law from transistor scaling to system-level scaling, and the relatively recent redistribution of the global electroni... » read more

Semiconductor Industry Is Pulling AI Across A Diversity Of End Uses And Applications

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of joining a group of industry peers during SEMICON West and the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco for an enlightening panel discussion that we organized titled, “How AI Is Reinventing the Semiconductor Industry Inside and Out.” Moderated by Gartner, I was joined on the panel by senior executives from Advantest, Synopsys and the TinyML Foun... » read more

The New Convergence: IoT, AI, And 5G Bring Actionable Intelligence To The Factory Floor

Last year, I reflected on the Renesas Renaissance in terms of how our long-term growth strategy is positioning the company as a full-spectrum, global technology solutions provider with an extended physical footprint in the U.S., Europe, and China. Thanks to the acquisitions of Intersil, IDT, Dialog Semiconductor, and Celeno we now have expansive design capabilities that surround our embedded... » read more

AI At The IoT Edge Is Disrupting The Industrial Market

Artificial intelligence (AI) at the edge of the network is a cornerstone that will influence the future direction of the technology industry. If AI is an engine of change, then semiconductors are the oil driving the new age that is being defined by machine learning (ML), neural networks, 5G connectivity and the advent of blockchain, digital twins and the metaverse. Despite recent disruptions... » read more