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Design Challenges Of High-Speed Wireline Transmitters

By Samad Parekh and Noman Hai The need for higher bandwidth networking equipment as well as connectivity in the cloud and hyperscale data centers is driving the switch technology transition from 25T (terabytes) to 50T and soon to 100T. The industry has chosen Ethernet to drive the switch market, using 112G SerDes technology today and next generation architectures being designed to operate at... » read more

Accelerating Circuit Simulation 10x With GPUs

By Samad Parekh (Synopsys) and Srinivas Kodiyalam (NVIDIA) Many aspects of semiconductor design and verification have an ever-growing “need for speed” that has outpaced the performance improvements available by running on CPUs. Electronic design automation (EDA) companies have responded by creating smarter software algorithms to improve simulation time, sometimes at the expense of relaxe... » read more

Heterogeneous Computing Model Delivers Order-Of-Magnitude Performance Breakthrough

By Srinivas Kodiyalam (NVIDIA) and Samad Parekh (Synopsys) With the ever-increasing demand for more computing performance, the HPC industry is moving towards a heterogeneous computing model, where GPUs and CPUs work together to perform general-purpose computing tasks. In this heterogeneous computing model, the GPU serves as an accelerator to the CPU, to offload the CPU and to increase comput... » read more