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An Advanced Infrastructure To Enable Secure, Cloud-Aware Design And Processed Data EDA Tool Interoperability

By Rajeev Jain, Kerim Kalafala, and Ramond Rodriguez Significant technology disruptions are on the horizon that will provide massive efficiency gains for EDA tool suppliers and semiconductor companies alike. These disruptions include the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance supplier tools and optimize user design flows and methodologies, and the ensuing migr... » read more

A Collaborative Data Model For AI/ML In EDA

This work explores industry perspectives on: Machine Learning and IC Design Demand for Data Structure of a Data Model A Unified Data Model: Digital and Analog examples Definition and Characteristics of Derived Data for ML Applications Need for IP Protection Unique Requirements for Inferencing Models Key Analysis Domains Conclusions and Proposed Future Work Abstra... » read more

Multi-Die Packaging Gains Steam

By Herb Reiter Many readers will be familiar with my extensive background and focus in the emerging field of 3D IC technology, including both 3D stacked die and 2.5 interposer design flows. Now, I am excited to bring my expertise and passion to Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2), where I am now Director of 3D Programs, helping Si2’s members in the Open3D Technical Advisory Board develop pr... » read more