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Jumpstarting The Automotive Chiplet Ecosystem

The automotive industry stands on the cusp of a technological renaissance, ushering in an era where vehicles aren't just tools of transportation, but interconnected nodes within a vast network of software-defined mobility. Central to this transformation is the concept of chiplets—miniaturized, modular components that can be mixed, matched, and scaled to create powerful, application-specific i... » read more

Digital Twins And AI Acceleration Are Transforming System Design

We are at a global inflection point as we cope with the limitations of energy supply and the consequences of climate change. Regional conflicts are elevating risks in the traditional crude oil supply chain. Changes in rainfall patterns and disputes over water use priorities are limiting hydroelectric power generation. Moreover, extreme weather events have intensified the threat to lives and pro... » read more

The Evolution Of Generative AI Up To The Model-Driven Era

Generative AI has become a buzzword in 2023 with the explosive proliferation of ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs). This brought about a debate about which is trained on the largest number of parameters. It also expanded awareness of the broader training of models for specific applications. Therefore, it is unsurprising that an association has developed between the term “Generative AI�... » read more

AI For Circuit Design Quality, Productivity, And Advanced-Node Mapping

The future of circuit design, encompassing analog, RF/5G, and custom electronic circuits, is set to be revolutionized by the integration of generative AI tools. These advanced tools will not only enhance the quality of designs and boost designer productivity but also facilitate the mapping of designs from older semiconductor process nodes to more advanced nodes such as 3nm and below. This blog ... » read more

LLM Technology For Chip Design

In the nine short months since OpenAI brought ChatGPT (a Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer) and the phenomenal concept of large language models (LLMs) to the global collective consciousness, pioneers from every corner of the economy have raced to understand the benefits—and the pitfalls—of deploying this nascent technology to their particular industry. And as it turns out, semicondu... » read more

RISC-V Is Thriving: Here’s What You Need to Know

RISC-V, the open-standard Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) conceived by UC Berkeley developers in 2010, is going from strength to strength. The RISC in RISC-V stands for Reduced Instruction Set Computer, meaning it’s designed to simplify each individual instruction given to the computer. As RISC-V is an open standard, anyone can implement, customize, and expand the ISA to suit their r... » read more

Formula 1: Riding The Sustainability Wave To Full Electrification

Ferdinand Porsche once said, "The perfect race car crosses the finish line 1st and then crumbles into its individual parts." What a take, right? Well, in the 90s, that's the best they could hope for. Let's go back to the 1990s of Formula 1 (F1). The time was marked by extreme competition among racing teams. There was more freedom in the engine you could run, meaning that teams could choose b... » read more