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Integrating Energy Efficiency Considerations Into Your Design From The Beginning

Data center networking is responsible for consuming about 1% of the global electricity supply. With the advent and integration of AI into various sectors, the pressure on both hardware and software infrastructures, necessitated by neural networks and extensive language models, is expected to increase significantly. The burgeoning energy consumption by hyperscale data centers emerges as an ur... » read more

Maximizing Energy Efficiency For Automotive Chips

Silicon chips are central to today’s sophisticated advanced driver assistance systems, smart safety features, and immersive infotainment systems. Industry sources estimate that now there are over 1,000 integrated circuits (ICs), or chips, in an average ICE car, and twice as many in an average EV. Such a large amount of electronics translates into kilowatts of power being consumed – equiva... » read more

Developing Energy-Efficient AI Accelerators For Intelligent Edge Computing And Data Centers

Artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators are deployed in data centers and at the edge to overcome conventional von Neumann bottlenecks by rapidly processing petabytes of information. Even as Moore’s law slows, AI accelerators continue to efficiently enable key applications that many of us increasingly rely on, from ChatGPT and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to smart edge device... » read more

Clean Your Clock

Lowering power consumption seems to be on every designer’s mind these days. And yet when asked about applying low-power design techniques, many engineers respond, “Well, we do clock gating ... and that’s about it.” Clock gating is low-hanging fruit when it comes to low-power design. Clock gating is also well automated, as witnessed by capabilities in modern logic synthesis tools. The... » read more

Waste Not, Want Not

Power is the new timing …. performance per watt … low-power design ... power performance trade-offs … the list of terms goes on and on, but there is no denying that power has now become the primary design objective. So what does it really take to manage power in a modern system-on-a-chip (SoC) design? Power is an “equal opportunity problem,” and all can contribute to the solution. ... » read more

Top 5 Reasons For Power Consumption Waste

By William Ruby Low-power seems to be on everyone’s mind these days, and it’s not just the chip design teams. One common consumer complaint is that the “battery life is way too short”! And of course, we all know this one, “OMG – that laptop is sure hot“! Even data center facilities managers lament, “We can’t supply enough power to the equipment—and when we do, we can’t co... » read more