Recommendations And Solutions For USB-C PD Chargers

Debunking the most efficient 65 W fast charger designs.


The recent enhancements and technology advancements in the charger domain have made engineers face new challenges in their daily lives. Higher efficiency, smaller footprint with the same output power, or more power in the same footprint are among the key challenges in contemporary charger designs. In this whitepaper, Infineon provides engineers with an overview of different solutions in the USB-C PD charging domain. Each of the described solutions can help engineers meet various specific design targets such as the highest efficiency, improved cost-performance, or enhanced design flexibility.

By Tim Hu, Director – Global Low-power SMPS Application, Infineon Technologies, Gautam Chinagundi, Staff Specialist Product Marketing, Infineon Technologies, and Rashed Ahmed, Principal Engineer, Infineon Technologies

Click here to read the white paper.

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