Get Ready For Integrated Silicon Photonics

Long-haul communications and data centers are huge buyers of photonics components, and that is leading to rapid advances in the technology and opening new markets and opportunities. The industry has to adapt to meet the demands being placed on it and solve the bottlenecks in the design, development and fabrication of integrated silicon photonics. "Look at the networking bandwidth used across... » read more

A Perspective On Open Process Specification

It is the job of the Process Design Kit (PDK) engineers to deliver a high-quality PDK that properly represents the process requirements and constraints and supports the design flows used by their customers. The PDK engineer takes multiple inputs describing the process and the devices and circuitry in the process and generates the output in the form of OpenAccess technology libraries (techDB), d... » read more

Defining The Next Standard Cell

Synopsys, Intel and IBM all contributed technology to Si2 to create a standard version of parameterized cells, or PCells, for mixed-signal designs. The move is an attempt to smooth out design incompatibilities using Synopsys and Cadence technology. Cadence is the clear market leader in this space. But as more technology is developed using different vendors'  tools for integration in complex... » read more