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Arm Platform Security Architecture Overview

A look at the evolution of the security technology and an accompanying open source software project.


The transition to an Internet of Things (IoT) is well underway and has the potential to transform both businesses and consumer experiences. The success of this next phase of the internet is heavily dependent upon the trust and security built into billions of different connected devices. Businesses need to depend on the data from edge computing, in order to be able to make commercial decisions, whilst consumers need assurance that their connected homes and digital lives will not be hacked. Recent attacks and security research has shown that in extreme cases, poorly designed connected devices have the ability to be subverted and bring down key parts of the internet infrastructure, or even affect our safety. Consequently, there is a need for device security that can meet these threats and can be applied at all cost points. The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) has been designed to address this challenge and can work on any suitably designed Arm processor, including low cost microcontrollers.

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