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Tempus Timing Signoff Solution

The Cadence Tempus Timing Signoff Solution is the fastest static timing analysis (STA) tool in the industry today with unique distributed processing and cloud capabilities enabling hundreds of CPUs to quickly complete even the largest designs. With full foundry certification and a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities, the Tempus solution delivers SPICE-accurate results to hundreds... » read more

Unleash The Potential of CFD

Classic CFD to High-Order Scalability Instead of relying on expensive prototype testing or experimentation, users now have access to numerous open-source and paid computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software that can help them solve application-specific problems. Today, CFD is no longer about getting one solution at a time; it is about getting the best possible solution from multiple design tes... » read more

PCB Design From Start To Finish: E-Book

This ebook by John Burkhert is a step-by-step guide on printed circuit board design with information suitable for beginners to graduate-level users. This series is for anyone who wants to design their own printed circuit boards or perform designs for others. While an electronics degree is not required, beginners would do well to consider basic electronic theory as a prerequisite. Each ... » read more

AI-Driven Big Data Analytics Enables Actionable Intelligence, Improving SoC Design Productivity

As the latest systems on chip (SoCs) grow in size and complexity, a vast amount of design data is generated during verification and implementation. Design data is business critical and, with the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) use in chip design, provides designers an opportunity to carry forward learnings and insights with every new design. To achieve first-pass success deliverin... » read more

Ensuring Data Integrity And Performance Of High-Speed Data Transmission

In key electronics applications such as data centers, automotive, and 5G, the data speed and volume are increasing at an exponential rate. Data centers require data transmission (Figure 1) as high as 112Gbps, which can be achieved only using PAM4 signaling. The automotive industry is dealing with the challenges of transferring data between various electronic control units (ECUs) at a very high ... » read more

Efficient Verification Of Mixed-Signal Series IP Using UVM

Interface IP are an integral part of systems-on-chips (SoC) that include mobile, automotive, or networking applications and are primarily used for transmitting data over a physical medium between a host and device. The mixed-signal nature of the IP makes verification a challenging task, requiring special considerations for digital and analog sections. This paper describes a robust mixed-signal ... » read more

Preparation Of Geometry Models For Mesh Generation And CFD

Making geometry models suitable for CFD meshing is a time-consuming bottleneck in CFD analysis. We will discuss why and ways to fix the problems. Click here to read more. » read more

In-Design Thermal Analysis For MMIC And RF PCB Power Applications

Next-generation wireless communication and radar systems often demand increased RF power within a smaller footprint to meet the performance and size requirements of their respective commercial and aerospace applications. As a result, RF front-end electronics are exposed to the risk of higher operating temperatures, which degrade RF performance and threaten device reliability. For many device ma... » read more

Machine Learning-Driven Full-Flow Chip Design Automation

To enable the semiconductor industry to continue growing, the chip design process must become more efficient. With the availability of massive, cloud-enabled, distributed computing and advancements in machine learning computer science, the next chip design automation revolution is now possible. The Cadence® Cerebrus™ Intelligent Chip Explorer utilizes both of these technologies, based o... » read more

Fidelity Pointwise Grid Cell Remediation Method For Overset Meshes

In computational fluid dynamics, (CFD) overset meshing is highly appreciated in turbomachinery for moving body applications. Moreover, significant efforts have been made to improve the overset flow solver capability, but only limited developments have been made to what is quickly becoming a bottleneck in the simulation process — the creation of the overset composite grid. Cadence Fidelity Poi... » read more

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