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AI-Driven Macro Placement Boosts PPA

In the era of EDA 4.0, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transforming what electronic design automation tools are capable of. For many of the challenges of physical IC design, AI can provide significant benefits to both the turnaround time and the quality of the design, as measured by performance, power, and area (PPA) metrics. One implementation step due for improve... » read more

Conquer Placement And Clock Tree Challenges In HPC Designs

High-performance computing (HPC) applications require IC designs with maximum performance. However, as process technology advances, achieving high performance has become increasingly challenging. Designers need digital implementation tools and methodologies that can solve the thorny issues in HPC designs, including placement and clock tree challenges. Placement and clock tree synthesis are c... » read more

Low-Power IC Design Without Compromise

In the process of creating ICs, the digital implementation stage is focused on meeting the performance, power, and area (PPA) targets defined for the design. Traditionally, when talking about PPA metrics, “performance” has been the primary focus, with power and area recovered where possible, after meeting timing. But as designs have moved to smaller, more advanced process nodes, and as s... » read more