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Automated Late Stage Timing-Aware Dynamic Voltage Drop ECO

One of the never-ending frustrations for electrical engineers is having to deal with counterproductive real-world effects that they wish would just go away. Examples include switch bounce, metastability, and contact resistance. For IC designers, dynamic voltage drop (DVD), also known as IR drop, is one of those unfortunate facts of the profession. There’s no way to avoid it; every trace and w... » read more

Golden Signoff ECO For Last-Mile Electronic Design Closure

Electronic design developers really hate iterative, resource-intensive tasks that occur late in the project schedule. Most engineers are under tremendous time to market (TTM) pressure due to competition while being told that they must minimize the cost of both the project and the end chip. In addition, they are struggling to meet power, performance, and area (PPA) requirements far more aggressi... » read more

ECO Should Not Stand For Extended Challenge Order

There’s an old saying that the first 90% of a task takes 90% of the schedule, and the remaining 10% takes the other 90% of the time. In chip development, design-signoff closure has become one such task. Ideally, when the design has been placed and routed (physical implementation), final analysis of timing and other metrics is performed and an engineering change order (ECO) file is issued to t... » read more