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Circuit Reliability Verification For Automotive Electronics

By Matthew Hogan and Dina Medhat In the automotive industry, reliability and high quality are key attributes for electronic automotive systems and controls. Naturally, they are particularly crucial when developing functional safety (FuSa) solutions, where inadequate performance or product failure can lead to injury or death. When it comes to safety-related automotive electronics, ISO 26262 p... » read more

A Reliability Baseline Is Essential For Today’s Complex IC Designs

Design rule checking (DRC) represents a common platform by which we can all compare relative rule complexity. The industry expectation is that all foundries will provide complete DRC and layout vs. schematic (LVS) rule decks at all process nodes for the successful tape-out of IC designs. However, not only are DRC operations growing significantly (Figure 1), but the scope of the rules needed to ... » read more

Is The Definition Of IC Reliability Changing?

“You know, brain surgery's not difficult if you don't care whether the person dies, it's actually quite easy. Flying a plane is quite easy if you don't mind crashing. That's what hard means. It's an expression of how much you care about the result. And if you are proud of it, or you believe it can be good and you want it to be good, then it can be sort of infinitely hard, to the point where i... » read more