Blog Review: Jan. 6

The future of dataservers; manufacturing analytics; USB Power Delivery challenges; a manufacturing revolution?; interview with USB-IF President; designing sensor hubs; last year’s best ideas; Bluetooth mesh.


Mobile is not just about handsets, but also cloud datacenters and the networking to move data back and forth. Cadence’s Paul McLellan takes a look at the future of traditional dataservers with the rise of microservers and the use of FPGA accelerators.

Mentor’s Jay Gorajia has ideas for how to best leverage manufacturing analytics, but says that care must be taken in deciding which data should be correlated and what analytic models should be used.

Synopsys’ Kavya Udatala, Santosh Moharana, and Deepak Nagaria discuss some of the capabilities in the new USB Power Delivery specification, plus the verification and debug challenges they present.

Can what makes the Internet effective inspire a similar revolution for physical goods manufacturing? Rambus’ Patrick Gill explores the possibilities for a brave new world of physical products.

Cadence’s Jacek Duda presents the final part of a video interview with USB-IF President and COO, Jeff Ravencraft, on how the organization makes sure the quality of USB devices is met and how, going forward, devices will be tested against new protocols.

ARM’s Brian Fuller examines key things worth considering when designing sensor hubs, including the fundamental architectural changes needed when connecting sensors to the MCU and connecting the controller to the apps processor.

Ansys’ Justin Nescott and Bill Vandermark look back over the past year, with both picking favorite advancements and proposals for novel products.

NXP’s Asit Goel takes a look at Bluetooth SIG’s recently-formed Smart Mesh Working Group, which could present a competitor to ZigBee in the realm of wireless mesh network backbones.

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