Blog Review: Nov. 25

Digging into deep learning; musings on Industry 4.0; Ethernet history; whales and wind turbines; boosting healthcare; Package on Package; architectures for big data; transferring technology; thermal honor.


If you’ve been wanting to dig into deep learning, a new video by Cadence’s Chris Rowen discusses the basic principles and how its used to build electronic systems capable of analyzing massive amounts of data, recognize patterns, and extract relevant info.

Returning from Productronica, Mentor’s Michael Ford discusses the show’s booming attendance, the seemingly endless hype around Industry 4.0, and how it could tip the balance in favor of manufacturing close to the market.

Synopsys’ VIP Experts blog looks back at the history of Ethernet, from its introduction in 1980 to today’s proposed 400G standard.

How are humpback whales good for wind turbines? Ansys’ Justin Nescott finds out in this week’s top five engineering and tech articles. Plus, fool’s gold might be a treasure after all, a harness to help the handler monitor their seeing-eye dog’s health, and gift suggestions.

NXP’s Cristina Ardila has some ideas about healthcare organizations can use NFC to improve patient outcomes, from record tracking to homecare.

ARM’s Will Tu presents a summary of Package on Package technology, with benefits and application areas.

Aharon Etengoff explores Rambus’ research platform focused on architectures designed to offload computing closer to very large data sets at multiple points in the memory and storage hierarchy.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan discusses the two models of technology transfer used by universities, and asks if they can actually make more money by giving their technology away.

Mentor’s Nazita Saye profiles colleague and this year’s winner of the Allan Kraus Thermal Management Medal, Dr. Marta Rencz.

For more good reading, check out the featured blogs in last week’s Manufacturing, Design & Test newsletter:

Editor In Chief Ed Sperling predicts the push into 2.5D and fan-outs will launch a new round of fireworks.

Executive Editor Mark LaPedus digs into emerging measurement technology for complex chip structures.

Technical Editor Katherine Derbyshire finds litho problems at advanced nodes are not just due to photons.

Contributing Editor Michael Watts explores the commercial uses and current research for the latest memory type.

Mentor Graphics’ Srinivas Velivala points to some tutorial videos that address some common problems in verification.

Imec’s Marc Heyns contends that 10 years from now, CMOS will seem as old-fashioned as vacuum tubes.

SEMI’s Karen Savala observes that failure to ramp yield can have disastrous consequences.

Semico Research’s Rich Wawrzyniak explains why GlobalFoundries new 14LPP process is so important.

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