Blog Review: Nov. 9

IoT connectivity; deep learning chip; USB in autos; rethinking architectures; wooden skyscrapers.


Mentor’s Andrew Patterson highlights two of the main debates around IoT: how to connect and how much security is enough.

Cadence’s Paul McLellan checks out one company’s design for a dataflow processing unit to speed up deep learning networks.

Prepare for USB to be everywhere in the autonomous car, says Synopsys’ Eric Huang.

Rambus’ Aharon Etengoff argues that the end of Dennard Scaling and Moore’s Law means the industry must focus on rethinking system architectures to gain improvements.

The world’s tallest wooden skyscraper is planned for Chicago, in this week’s top five tech picsk from Ansys’ Tom Smithyman. Plus, turbines from outer space and who invented CRISPR?

NXP’s Norbert Nopper discusses the Vulkan graphics API and its use in automotive applications.

ARM’s Freddi Jeffries presents highlights from the company’s recent Tech Symposia in Beijing with a focus on video processing and VR.

Cadence’s Tom Anderson looks at some of the challenges to verification reuse and productivity, and why it’s time to move to a new phase in verification.

As sensor proliferate, Synopsys’ Shwetank Lal stresses the need for MIPI I3C as a unified interface.

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