Building A Secured Internet Of Things

Enabling innovation while providing safety and reliability.


The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) presents tremendous opportunities for innovative companies to deliver products and services to make industry more efficient, transportation safer and the everyday lives of people more convenient and fulfilling. But with great good there also can be great risk. Remote, intelligent monitoring and control for factories, homes, cities, and cars can increase efficiency and convenience. However, these same powerful tools can be misused by bad actors to disrupt critical infrastructure with dangerous and expensive results. At a personal level, the IoT potentially exposes our homes and personal information to malicious or criminal acts. Fortunately, security techniques developed over the last few decades for other areas can be applied to the IoT. These techniques have a proven track record of providing effective, cost-efficient protection while enabling continuing innovation.

Many developers working in the IoT field are not security experts. They are experts in manufacturing, cars, home appliances, or other domains. These developers need to include security in their products but this security must also meet their domain requirements. That is why experts in security solutions such as Infineon are engaging with the many domains affected by the IoT to ensure that strong and appropriate security is built in from the start. Building in security will protect the values of Safety, Reliability, and Privacy that we all care about.

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