Flash Memory Market Ushered In Fierce Competition With The Digitalization Of Electric Vehicles

By Craig Huang and Yulia Lee Governments worldwide have been paying close attention to alternative energy vehicles recently. Many have launched related electric vehicle subsidy policies, accelerating global sales over recent years. In 2021 at IAA Mobility in Munich, Germany, many major car manufacturers, including Porsche, showcased their all-electric or related concept cars. In addition ... » read more

Verifying Low-Temperature Soldering Compliance For CO2 Savings And Enhanced Product Performance

In a conventional lead-free soldering process reflow ovens operate continuously at about 260°C. An effective alternative capable of operating at a lower temperature could significantly reduce the running costs and CO2 emissions associated with electronic manufacturing. There are also advantages to be gained from the reduction in the thermal stresses imposed on circuit boards and components by ... » read more

The Hidden Security Risks Of Automotive Electronic Systems

The Internet of things (IoT) is driving new capabilities that are transforming how we live, work and play. However, as our lives become more connected, the risk from hackers and other security breaches increases with every new IoT device. While most of us are pretty well versed in why we need to keep our most trusted devices secure – such as cell phones and laptops – we often don’t think ... » read more